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Health Literacy Matters

We are dedicated to supporting health and care organisations to become more health literate in the way they support their service-users, clients and patients.  

It is often said that there are 2 sides to the coin when it comes to health literacy, so we like this definition of health literacy:

Health Literacy Definitions with background.png

About Us

We believe that Organisational Health Literacy supports many of the current priorities for people and for organisations in the health and care system.

As such, Organisational Health Literacy can help with:

  • Tackling health inequalities

  • Enabling shared decision making

  • Supporting personalised care

  • Improved quality, safety and health outcomes

  • People's access to, and experience of, their health care

  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness of healthcare provision 

  • Workforce development


Through our team of health literacy specialists we deliver a portfolio of services to health and care organisations. 


Our team consists of: 

Dr Mike OIiver

Dr Mike OIiver

Clare Evans

Clare Evans

Jonathan Berry

Jonathan Berry

Our Services

Health Literacy Awareness Training

Conferences and Keynote Speeches

Health Literate Organisation Programme

University Lectures

Recent Testimonials

Mike worked flexibly with us to ensure the training was Derbyshire-focused by showcasing health literacy in action locally.  He was happy to adapt the training in response to participant feedback (e.g. adding in more teach back examples).

Health Care Public Health Practitioner - Leading Health Literacy

Derbyshire County Council

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