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Health Literacy Awareness Training

We are currently offering 2 Health Literacy Awareness sessions through Eventbrite:

We pride ourselves on our engaging and interactive style of training, whether online, or in-person. We include a mixture of presentation, interaction, quizzes and videos to support different learning styles. We can tailor the content depending on your requirements, but below is the content of a typical 2-hour training session:

In this training session, we will help you learn:

  • What health literacy is

  • Why it is important

  • What it feels like to have low levels of health literacy

  • What other health and care professionals have done to improve the way they support their service users

  • Key health literacy techniques, such as “Teachback” and writing for understanding and action

  • What the next steps are to becoming a Health Literate Organisation

Recent Testimonials

Mike was incredibly engaging and made the session informative, interesting and interactive. The 2 hours flew by! Will recommend to colleagues. Found the teach back info especially useful.

Nothing to improve on - very interactive session. Good to connect with other colleagues across the system who may be able to support each other with practical actions and networks. It brought the subject to life and underlined how it affects us all with humour and lots of lovely examples.

The interaction & allowing people to share their experience was particularly beneficial. The equation was a really good way of bringing to life how seeing something complex can send people into panic.

Clare really helped me understand how personalised care goes hand in hand with health literacy.

Would You Like To Discuss Our Training In More Detail?

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