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Top Health Literacy Resources

We know what "health" is don't we?   We know what "literacy" is don't we?  So isn't "health literacy" just about putting those 2 things together?  Unfortunately not, it is more than that.

People often ask "so what is health literacy?",  here are some resources which we think offer the best explanations.

Making the case for Health Literate Organisations

We were commissioned by the NHS to make the case for health literate organisations. It has a particular focus on how health literate organisations can play a part in addressing health inequalities. The document is available for you to read by clicking below.

The Teachback Film

We worked in partnership with the NHS and Personalised Care Institute to create this film about Teachback. It shows teachback being used in non-clinical settings in health and care. You will need to register, for free, with the Personalised Care Institute to watch this film.

Health Literacy UK

Mike is a Steering Group member of Health Literacy UK. Please have a look around the website and consider joining (for free) to become a member and receive updates about health literacy seminars and conferences.

The Health Literacy Place

We think this resource, created by the NHS in Scotland, is a great source of information and inspiration.

If you are looking for a specific resource or piece of research relating to health literacy, just get in touch.  If we don’t know ourselves, there’s a reasonable chance we know someone who will know!

Recent Testimonials

Mike worked flexibly with us to ensure the training was Derbyshire-focused by showcasing health literacy in action locally.  He was happy to adapt the training in response to participant feedback (e.g. adding in more teach back examples).

Health Care Public Health Practitioner - Leading Health Literacy

Derbyshire County Council

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