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Workshops & Training

We are currently offering two Health Literacy Awareness sessions through Eventbrite:

We pride ourselves on our engaging and interactive style of training. We include a mixture of presentation, interaction, quizzes and videos to support different learning styles. We can tailor the content depending on your requirements, but below is the content of a typical 2-hour training session:


In this training session, we will help you learn:


  • What health literacy is

  • Why it is important

  • What it feels like to have low levels of health literacy

  • What other health and care professionals have done to improve the way they support their service users

  • Key health literacy techniques, such as “Teachback” and writing for understanding and action

  • What the next steps are to becoming a Health Literate Organisation

We are currently offering two Health Literate Organisation workshops via Eventbrite:

Our Health Literate Organisation programme can help you make the leap from “awareness to action”. It is effectively a place where health literacy meets best-practice in organisational change and behavioural science.


It aims to address the enablers and barriers organisations face and to provide support during their process towards becoming Health Literate. It typically includes:


  • Health Literacy Awareness Training

  • Health Literate Organisation Workshop

  • Access to a shared databased of best-practice examples and ‘how-to’ guides

  • Receive Support and guidance from an experienced health literacy expert

  • Community of Practice Workshops


In the Health Literate Organisation workshop we guide you through a best-practice and evidence-led process.


Supported by a detailed checklist and numerous ‘how-to’ guides, videos and best-practice examples, you will go through the following steps:


  • Ensuring leadership and policies are in place to support your HLO journey

  • Explore how co-production and service user engagement are key

  • Consider the best ways to raise awareness of health literacy amongst your colleagues

  • Learn health literacy best-practice for written communication

  • Learn health literacy best-practice for verbal communication

  • How to consider the importance of physical layout of your service, or your online presence

  • Think through how you want to measure and evaluate your HLO impact

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